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Why Resistance Bands Are The Best Workout Equipment

Updated: Jan 2

It’s understandable that during these times you won’t go to the gym. However, you know you still want to get the best of your workouts at home. Some people have weights at home, while some rely on body weight workouts.

Body weight workouts are great, no equipment needed, while you can work on your muscles. But there should be certain equipment that everyone should buy that can turn their workouts to the next level.

What are Resistance Bands?

Buying a resistance band can be a game-changer for your workout. These bands help make your workouts harder. Every time you do a workout, there is that extra resistance, which puts more tension in your muscle and helps rip more tears in your muscle fibers.

Resistance bands give an elastic tension, which you can’t get from free weights. This means that you can be in any position and get the tension for your workout. Free weights require gravity in order to do a workout, while resistance bands can be used in any position while still getting that tension.

Now gravity does still play a role with resistance bands. Doing squats or push-ups with these will use gravity to help. But, you can also do a chest workout while standing by anchoring the band to one foot.

So pretty much, you can look at resistance bands as certain equipment that causes a workout to be at least twice as hard as it already is.

Resistance Bands

Top 10 Body Weight

Workouts To Do With A Resistance Band

1) Push-Ups

Loop the band behind your back, while your thumbs are hooked through the resistance band. Now get into a regular push up position.

2) Squats

Stand on the middle of the resistance band with both legs, use both hands to grab the end of the resistance bands all the way up. Now try doing a squat with these. Each time you go up, you pull the resistance band up as far as you can.

3) Standing Bicep curls

Place the band under your feet, grab the ends of the resistance band and curl up with them. You can do both arms at the same time or just one.

4) Band Split Squat

Put your right foot forward, while stepping on the center of the band. Go into a lunge position. Hold each end of the band up, and go up and down as you usually would with a lunge. Do each side.

5) Band Shoulder Press

Put your feet on the resistance band on one side, try bringing the other part all the way to your upper chest. After that, push the resistance band all the way up over your shoulder. Taking a wider stance will make the workout harder.

6) Band Pull-Apart

Grad both ends of the resistance band, stretch it out horizontally, and come back to the original position.

7) Rows

Place either right or left foot on the center of the resistance band, grab both ends of the resistance band, and pull it up to your upper abdomen.

8) Tricep Extensions

Place on the end of the resistance band on the sole of your foot or feet, and bring the resistance bands behind you. Your hands should be pulling the resistance band from behind you. Hold the other end of the resistance band, and pull all the way high, engaging your triceps.

9) Flye/Fly

Grab both ends of the resistance band, and bring it all the way to your back, with your arms stretched out to the sides at chest height. Bring your hands together in front of you, your hands and arms should be straight, and your chest muscles should be squeezing together and your elbows are up while doing the workout. Then go back to the original position.

10) Elastic Teaser

Lay down on the ground, grabbing both ends of the resistance band. Place the center of your resistance band under your feet (your feet should be together. Pull the ends of the resistance band all the way to your abdomen, while lifting your body in a V- sit position.


Doing workouts with a resistance band can be tough, but it is so worth it. Improvement in your body is guaranteed when using a resistance band.

Make sure you are using proper form when doing workouts with a resistance band. You don’t want to get an injury when doing it.

Be consistent, gaining muscles take time and effort. But always make sure you are challenging yourself. If the resistance band you use currently doesn’t feel much of a challenge, then it’s time to buy a new one that has more resistance.