OrganiFi Review: The Simple Juice That Improves Your Body Over Time

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

An OrganiFi Green Juice Review with Evidence of its Benefits.

As people who are seen as "lazy", seeing that there are juices out there in this world that can improve your body is great. However, life isn't always that nice to us.

Having juices that can improve multiple aspects of your body is great, but there are certain problems that come up when taking them. Let's consider the scenario below.

David: "UGH! Why am I not getting bigger, I was promised BIGGER MUSCLES."

Euripides: Well, are you working out properly, eating right, and getting enough sleep?

David: Yes, but I am not satisfied with my results. I always feel sluggish and I'm losing hope in my journey towards fitness.

If whatever you are doing is contradicting with the results you are striving for, then stop. You can't just improve your health while destroying it at the same time. If you really want to improve, you must stop acting on bad habits. You need to create new ones that will complement your body which will help you efficiently reach your goal.

What If I'm Doing The Right Things:

Now let's say you work out and follow a good diet, but you are not getting the results you wanted. This is probably because you are lacking key nutrients that are essential to your body's development. In this instance, it would be favorable to you if you considered an outside source.

Also, another problem people face is that they don't know which product can be trusted. Is this all a scam? What should I do?

There are drinks out there that can really boost your health and performance. We encourage you to try some products out there that can help you out. One that my team and I have really looked into is the OrganiFi Green Juice.

What is OrganiFi Green Juice?

OrganiFi Green Juice is just dried organic greens that have been made into powder. This type of product can be stirred with water. This is great for people who are under a time constraint but still want to get the best quality product for their bodies.

The drink comes in 30 servings, and each serving is 25 calories, with 4 g of Total Carbohydrate and Dietary Fiber, 1 g in Sugars, 2 g in Protein, 31 mg in Calcium, 2 g in Iron, and 15 mg in Sodium. There's also an Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend of 5.1 g and a Super Food Proprietary Blend of 1.45 g.

The taste isn't the best, but better than most products similar to this. It has a minty taste to it. People genuinely really like how the product tastes. Since it's a green juice, people would think it's horrible in taste, only to be surprised.

What makes this product unique from your average juice is that this juice is vegan and free from gluten, dairy and soy, making it a viable option for a wide variety of diets and lifestyles.

Here are some benefits of this drink:

  • Easy to prepare (All lazy people rise).

  • It contains many healthy super foods for revitalization and boosting of the immune system.

  • It contains electrolytes, which help rebuild damaged tissues.

  • Decreases stress levels in your body.

  • Gives you that boost of energy needed to tackle on your day.

  • It helps us late sleepers get better sleep.

OrganiFi's website has extra information about their product.

Something we personally liked about this product over the benefits:

One thing that caught our attention with this product is how instead of being packed with sugar and corn syrup it contained key, rich ingredients that are vital to our body. We were surprised to see how many herbs they used to create this. Ingredients: Moringa, WheatGrass, Tumeric Matcha Green Tea, Chlorella, Spirulina, Beets, Lemon, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and Coconut Water;

These ingredients actually provide benefits of what's listed for the product. Here's a general description of each:

These are some benefits we researched and are provided on OrganiFi's website. These plants are extremely helpful for people who are struggling to improve their body functions as a whole.

The Achilles heel of OrganiFi, The Price:

Unfortunately, for some people spending more than 50 dollars on juice powder is ridiculous. It is quite expensive, but if you have money to spare, be my guest and go for the drink.

For the others, we recommend to just stick with buying the plants provided above. The drink is amazing to have, but it isn't mandatory. You can always try to make a different version of your own drink with a couple of herbs. My friends and I are looking forward to the future to make our own juices and share it with everyone.

OrganiFi Refund Policy

Having doubts about whether or not this product is a scam? Well, no worries. OrganiFi offers a 30-day guarantee on your money back. So you can give it a try, and if you feel that it's not working, go ahead and get that refund. What's even better is that they have a no questions asked policy insuring the smoothest refund possible. Just send the empty bottle, and get your money back just like that.

What Typical Reviews On This Product Look Like

After some research on people's experience with this product, the reviews have proven in favor of OrganiFi. A lot of people genuinely like this product. There are people who have health problems like psoriasis arthritis or liver disease. This hasn't cured everyone's problems, but it has helped them so much in the long run.

Now what most people really like about this product is that it actually provides the value it's supposed to give. Numerous people have sent reviews on how their energy levels are increasing, their skin is feeling better, an increase in mental clarity, and etc. Not just that, but people really love that minty taste of the product. So if you're that one person who just can't deal with that nasty taste of a juice, don't worry, this one is most likely way better.

Conclusion: Does It Live Up To Its Expectations?

Overall, this juice is something you can definitely open your wallets to. It's a juice that takes seconds to prepare, while also helping to improve multiple aspects of your body. Although it may seem pricey, the benefits are endless. It's like that one sidekick that gives you an extra nudge at your health to improve. The key is to stay consistent with not only your workouts and diet but also with this product. It isn't something that works overnight immediately, it takes time. Most people see results around a month of using this, so please do be patient. Also, when using this product READ ANY CAUTIONS OR WARNINGS. For whatever reason this product may not be suitable for you, so please always read the product warnings.

In the future, we will try finding more products that can help you guys out with your lives. Not only just that, but our goal is to find free or inexpensive ways to help you guys improve your lives in different ways.